Activity - In Service

service01:991:170 - Language Activity in Service: This new one-credit language activity in service allows students who wish to engage with language and/or cultural interactions to participate actively in experiences related to internships or community engagement within and outside of Rutgers.

Students will be placed in an internship/community engagement position for their service and report to an on-site supervisor. Students will create personalized goals for their service, complete entry, and exit surveys to assess their experiences and write weekly reflection reports.

They will serve one hour per week for 12 weeks in addition to preparation time and attend three one-hour meetings as a group for orientation and group discussions. Attendance reports from on-site supervisors will be sent to the faculty member supervising the Language Activity in Service.

In addition, students will complete a service-related final project highlighting the cultural, professional, and linguistic skills practiced and the actual cultural competence that they gained during service.

Eligibility: Placement test or equivalent (Language level stipulated by the Language Activity in Service offering)

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