Fall 2023

The Language Engagement Project is offering a one-credit course for undergraduate students across all disciplines who are bilingual or multilingual; high-intermediate and advanced levels.

This course offers students opportunities to:

  • Develop cultural competence, critical thinking skills, cross-cultural communication, and negotiation of meaning in a global setting,
  • Research and complete projects in their respective disciplines in two languages with local and global partners, and 
  • Present their projects in a public event to a global audience.

What to Expect:

A project-based pedagogical approach to learning places a great responsibility on the students in the preparation for class sessions with global/local partners. Students are involved in the development of the course content, selecting a project topic, completing their project with their partners, and present it in two languages.

The “Translingual Exchanges in the Discipline” course is 1) project-based, 2) translingual, and 3) multidisciplinary. This course offers Rutgers students opportunities to research and discuss topics in their respective disciplines in two languages with local and global partners based on their academic disciplines and language proficiency. Working in teams, students will develop their project using multiple academic resources. At the end of the semester, students will present their projects in a public event as part of the course in two languages (English and a World Language).

The course combines language with content related to students’ disciplines or areas of studies. It is not a language course. It is intended to be a student-led, translingual experience in collaboration with students and professors across multiple institutions of higher education. Students act as experts in the subject matter (i.e. the content related to their projects). Together students will develop skills needed in the academic sphere (global understanding of research and inquiry, critical thinking skills, informed decision making, and negotiation of meaning and global concepts) while learning in a global setting.

Assessment and Evaluation:

Requirements and assignments include:pie chart visualization of the course content with percentages as described in the list labeled "requirements and assignments include"

  1. In-class participation, preparation, and conversation with global/local partners: (30%)
    1. Synchronous Class Sessions: (W1, W2, W7, W14 & W15)
    2. Conversations with global/local partners: Nine (9) recorded conversations with a partner/partners
  2. Journal/Podcast (4):Students will write two (2) journal entries and submit two (2) podcasts. (16%)
  3. Midterm presentation (1): (10%) 
  4. Peer review (3): Students will complete three peer reviews in class meetings 3, 4 & 5 (12%)
  5. Project (1): Final projects will begin the first day of classes. Students will complete a series of tasks that will allow them to develop the final product. This course project is understood as a process, not as a final product. (32%)

Languages, Disciplines, and Partners:

Fall 2023 International Partners, Disciplines, and Languages:

  • Universidad de Playa Ancha - Playa Ancha, Chile - Translation - Spanish/English

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