Are you interested in exploring innovative approaches to integrating languages and cultures in your current courses? The LEP can help you!

Our 1-credit interdisciplinary Language Modules can be attached to 3-credit courses in subjects ranging from History to Chemistry. These modules explore the relevance of specific languages to the contents of the fields themselves, and/or to the cultures of the people involved in these fields. 

You can also develop new stand-alone 1-credit 991 Coursesthat are designed to reflect on second language learning; on what it feels like to encounter another language; on what it means to think in more than one language; on the myriad ways in which languages interact with culture.  

The LEP will support you and your students all the way! Take advantage of our 991 Challenge Initiative. Let us know about your idea(s). Our team of Curriculum, pedagogy and language experts can work with you to transform your courses into LEP modules or courses.