Doaa Rashed, Ph.D.

Director, Language Engagement Project 

It is my privilege to welcome you to the Language Engagement Project (LEP) website. Consistent with the university’s mission, and working collaboratively with the deans and department chairs, the Language Engagement Project aims to enrich the academic experiences of our student population. In today’s world, languages are not just a sector of knowledge deserving to be advanced, but a crucial part of diverse fields of study, and of the lives of the individuals involved in those fields. Multilingual competency and awareness are requirements for both our global and personal understanding of the world. 

Rutgers–New Brunswick is uniquely positioned to embark on this endeavor, with its wide range of linguistically and culturally diverse student populations, and its pedagogically strong language departments and co-curricular programs. The Language Engagement Project’s main goal is to develop a “Culture of Language” that leverages such diversity and strength. Our unique curricula offer Rutgers students the benefits of bilingual, multilingual and translingual experiences, as well as rigorous disciplinary knowledge, combined with authentic language engagement opportunities. The LEP promotes and supports a diverse cultural and linguistic community through the development and advancement of innovative academic offerings that encompass the intersection of languages, cultures, and interdisciplinary knowledge. 

The materials and links on this website will provide you with information about our offerings and initiatives.