Summer Language Institute

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The Language Engagement Project is offering a Language Immersion Summer Institute that includes a unique collection of intensive language workshops and activities and provides pre-college students the opportunity to rapidly increase their level of fluency in the target language. The workshops offer a combination of short lessons, language activities, and opportunities to practice the target language. They provide an excellent means for students to prepare for the small group activities, language circles, and games.

The Language Immersion Institute is a student-centered experience that builds opportunities around students’ needs, interests, and aspirations. We believe languages are gateways to many opportunities in life and we would like students to explore the array of possibilities out there. With an emphasis on fluency, the institute is proficiency-oriented and aims to help participants develop four basic skills: speaking, reading, writing, and aural comprehension. Enthusiastic class participation is expected.

The institute will offer full-immersion experiences in Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish.

Placement interviews are conducted after signing up so that participants are placed based on their proficiency. 


Learning Objectives and Outcomes



The Language Immersion Summer Institute is a great initiative that provides pre-college high school participants with an intensive and challenging experience that improves their knowledge of a language other than English in a total immersion environment. Similarly, they benefit from a language immersion experience that is student-centered, hands-on, and engaging at the same time as they are participating in language learning experiences similar to those they will encounter in college.

The experience greatly intensifies the students' interest in and appreciation of world language study, as well as cultivates positive attitudes toward languages, cultures, and people. Additionally, it helps build competency and self-confidence in foreign language use while familiarizing students with language learning experiences in college.